Z. Berkay Celik

336 Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802, USA

Curriculum Vitae
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Invited Talks/Presentations

Automated IoT Security and Privacy Analysis
  • September 2018: Automated IoT Security and Privacy Analysis, Northeastern University (host: Engin Kirda)
  • August 2018: Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis, USENIX Security Lightning Talks
  • August 2018: Program Analysis of IoT Applications for Security and Privacy at USENIX Security HotSec’18 (The most amusing talk award)
  • April 2018: Recent Research on IoT Privacy and Security, Penn State University (host: Dr. Senchun Zhu, CSE 597: Wireless and Mobile Security class)
  • April 2018: Recent Research on IoT Privacy and Security, Penn State University (CMPSC 443: Computer Security class)
  • March 2018: Automated IoT Privacy and Security Analysis, Army Research Laboratory (host: Dr. Ed Colbert)
  • September 2017: Sensitive Information Tracking in Commodity IoT, Great Lakes Security Day 2017, RIT (host: Dr. Matthew Wright)
  • June 2017: Automated IoT Safety and Security Analysis, University of California, Davis
Generating Machine Learning Models under Privileged Information
Security and Privacy of Machine Learning
  • July 2017: Convolutional Neural Networks for Secure Code, VMware Cambridge Office (VMware CTO Office Presentation)
  • August 2017: Deep Learning for Analyzing VMware Software, VMware Cambridge Office (VMware Intern Presentation)
  • July 2016: College of Engineering Symposium, Penn State University
Malware Detection and Modeling Operations in Cyberspace
  • March 2016: Malware Traffic Detection using Tamper Resistant Features, Army Research Laboratory (host: Dr. Ananthram Swami)
  • March 2016: Mapping Sample Scenarios to Operational Models in Cyber Environments, George Mason University (host: Dr. Sushil Jajodia)
  • August 2015: Malware Experimentation in a Testbed Environment, Vencore Labs
  • June 2015: Malware Detection through tamper-proof features, University of California, Riverside

Professional Activities

  • 2018, NIPS Workshop on Security in Machine Learning
  • 2018, Program Committee Member for ACM CCS Poster/Demo Session
  • 2018, Session Chair for SecureComm (Session on Web Security)
  • 2018, Program Committee Member for IEEE Symposium on Privacy-Aware Computing (IEEE PAC)
  • 2017, Program Committee Member for CCS Workshop on Internet-of-Things Security and Privacy (IoT S&P)
  • 2017, Publicity Chair for IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS) Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security (CPS-Sec)
  • 2016, Technical Program Committee for MILCOM’16 (Track 3: Cyber Security and Trusted Computing)
  • Reviewer: GameSec(2018), CCS (2018), NIPS (2018), USENIX Security (2018), Neural Processing Letters (2017), ACM Computing Surveys (2017), IEEE S&P Magazine (2016), NDSS (2016), Journal of Network and Computer Applications (JNCA) (2016), Computers-Open Access Journal (2016)


  • August 2018: Best Paper Award (14th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm 2018))
  • May 2018: Student Travel Award (ACM ASIA Conference on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ACM ASIACCS 2018))
  • March 2018: Best demo award (Sensitive Information Tracking in Commodity IoT, Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS) Research Annual Conference on Cybersecurity)
  • July 2015: Student Travel Award (Military Communications Conference (MILCOM))
  • August 2015 and 2017: PSU Summer Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) Fellowship